Things to Do on Whidbey Island this Winter

Things to Do on Whidbey Island this Winter

  • Tim C. Miller
  • 11/6/22

Summer is such an amazing time of the year. Everyone is out of their homes exploring, lines are long everywhere, people are gathering casually together, and businesses are busy. Winter is the opposite season of summer in many ways, not just the weather. Winter is a time when many people tuck into their homes and chill on the couch with family. The weather is not as pleasant and outdoor activities are more challenging because of all the additional layers we must wear. For the brave and adventurous folks who despise the thought of spending months on end on the couch, winter is an amazing time to explore and get outside.

Whidbey Island, an island off the coast of the State of Washington, gives many magnificent reasons to leave Netflix and the couch behind. The temperatures on Whidbey Island average in the high 40s and low 50s from January through March with evening temperatures below freezing. Since the water is often warmer than the air, snow doesn’t happen frequently, but it does happen, creating a winter wonderland to enjoy. Overall, the average weather is perfectly comfortable for exploring outside and still cozy enough to be inside. The activity list is endless for exploring this island either for a day, a week, or a lifetime. After a winter day trip or long weekend, you may love the island so much you decide to search for Whidbey Island homes for sale.

Getting to the island is much simpler in the winter

To explore this fantastic island, you first must get to it. There are a few ways in achieving that goal, the first is to drive and the second is to embark upon a ferry ride. Either method will give you amazing views and an adventure to begin your trip. Have your own private boat? You can cross to the island on your boat as a third alternative to reaching Whidbey Island real estate. Driving to the island will take you across the Deception Pass Bridge with sweeping views of the Puget Sound region. If you’re brave and a passenger of the vehicle, the swirling waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Saratoga Passage below will get your adrenaline going. These two bodies of water created quite a complicated crossing for the early explorers and still boggle modern boaters. You will experience much less traffic crossing the bridge during the winter, allowing for a slower drive and longer views of Deception Pass State Park’s beauty as you travel along onto the island.

Ferry lines during the busy summer months can add frustration when traveling to and from the island. There are many tips and tricks on how to best manage those frustrations, but wintertime offers the shortest lines and the best seats on the ferry for your enjoyment. The Mukilteo (just north of Seattle) to Clinton service crosses the Possession Sound every hour to and from the island. Drive your car onto the large ferry, snag a great window seat upstairs and enjoy the ride. If you need a snack, there is a great snack bar available.

Stop by The Loft in Oak Harbor

This beautifully updated old feed and seed building is home to several shops, including the best bagels in the State of Washington, Whidbey Island Bagel Factory. Pick up one of the twenty-seven flavors, like rosemary chive sea salt, of New York-style bagels and a gourmet coffee to continue exploring the town of Oak Harbor. If the weather is comfortable, go to the Oaks Harbor Marina and take a stroll on the Maylor Point walking trail. Is it too cold for a walk? You could explore the town in your car while taking an oak tree tour to gain an understanding of how this town got its name, the Garry Oak trees. Whidbey Island homes for sale in Oak Harbor are graced with these beautiful trees lining the streets. Coming back into town, visit the Pioneer Way for some cozy shops, a second cup of coffee, or the many art galleries gracing the streets. It’s easy to spend the day just exploring this town, the local businesses, and outdoor scenery.

Get inspired and renew your senses at the Earth Sanctuary

Art, spirit, and nature combine to create this magical space. Amazing art sculptures made of stones develop a space for reflecting or admiring the work. The Fen Pond Stone Circle, a circle of stones reaching up to seven feet high, gives you an opportunity to be aligned with the Winter Solstice sunset. Driftwood sculptures and mazes created from native shrubs allow you to admire nature’s beauty. If meditation is your thing, the garden offers several sections with sitting areas to allow you to generate that Zen feeling. Haven’t experienced meditation previously and are interested in exploring this ancient practice proven to have many health benefits? Chuck Pettis, the founder of the Earth Sanctuary, will guide you through a variety of meditation practices. Otherwise, enjoy a self-guided walking tour and take in the trees, ponds, birds, and other wildlife.

Greenbank Farm is a great halfway around the island stop

Whether you drove across the Deception Pass Bridge and are on the north end of the island or hopped onto the ferry and are on the south part of the island, Greenbank is a great halfway stop when touring the entire island. You will arrive at this narrow portion of the island by following route 525 either north or south, it is also an opportune place to charge up your electric vehicle. Greenbank Farm offers visitors views of both sides of the water from the island, two art galleries featuring over twenty local artists, a fabulous wine shop loaded with history, shops, and dining options. With beautiful views, great food, art, and shopping this town is a fantastic place to step out of the car and refresh your senses while exploring the island.

There is no need to experience the wintertime blues when living in Whidbey Island real estate. The island is full of stunning natural beauty, art, dining options, and exploration opportunities. Living on the island will feel like a year-round vacation. Want to start looking at primary or vacation homes in the area? Reach out to local agent Tim C. Miller for expert assistance.

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