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3 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Anacortes

  • Tim C. Miller
  • 06/13/23

Anacortes, a charming city in Skagit County, Washington, offers an excellent quality of life for its 17,000 residents. Nestled between the Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands, luxury real estate buyers covet this land for its panoramic waterfront views, bustling historic downtown area, and an array of outdoor recreation opportunities. It is widely known as a wonderful place to set down roots, and nature lovers flock here to find real estate in this waterfront gem of a town.

As one of the most sought-after coastal towns in the Pacific Northwest, Anacortes real estate is highly desirable. However, with so many different neighborhoods to choose from, it can be tough to know which one is the right fit for you. In this article, we'll take a look at a few of the best neighborhoods in Anacortes so that you can find the perfect place to call home.


What makes Skyline so highly desirable?

Just minutes from the Anacortes Regional Airport sits Skyline, a charming neighborhood with a true sense of community. One of the biggest draws of the Skyline neighborhood is its fantastic location on Flounder Bay, a popular yachting area.

Many of the homes in the area provide unobstructed views of the surrounding water and scenery. Residents can often spot bald eagles, whales, and other wildlife from their homes, making it an ideal location for nature lovers.

Things to do in Skyline

One of the biggest draws of Anacortes real estate is its easy access to outdoor recreation opportunities. The Skyline community is within easy reach of the stunning Washington Park, a gorgeous 220-acre area with numerous campsites, picnic areas, a playground, and a boat launch area. Along the northern shore, Sunset Beach is the perfect spot for a serene picnic, photo op, or a day out on the water. The western section of the park also leads to Green Point, where you’ll find a jogging and biking trail. You might even see some otters if you’re lucky!

Skyline also has easy access to the Anacortes Community Forest Lands North, where you’ll find numerous hiking trails like the Sugarloaf Mountain Trail, Heart Loop Lake, the Mount Erie Loop, and more.

The Skyline community also enjoys convenient access to the Anacortes Ferry Terminal, where you can catch a ferry ride to the San Juan Islands. While there, explore the waves on a kayak, watch some whales, rent a bike, or head out on a hiking trip. It’s an amazing day trip you’re sure to remember!

Homes in Skyline

The Skyline neighborhood of Anacortes is known for gorgeous real estate and luxurious homes. Many properties are situated on the waterfront, with glistening views of the water out the windows. It’s a highly desirable place to live, with residents willing to pay a premium for the fantastic views and amenities. There are many properties to choose from, each with its own personality.

Old Town

The quaint charm of Old Town

If you are looking for Anacortes homes for sale and are hoping to find something that embodies the charm of a historic downtown area, Old Town offers just that. The community has preserved much of the old-time feel and provides locals with a great place to wander through the shops while enjoying the lovely seaside breeze rolling in off the water.

From country-style cafes to quaint bookstores and antique shops filled with treasures of the past, Old Town is truly something special. It’s an ideal neighborhood for anyone who feels most at home in a place connected to its history.

Old Town activities and events

The best part about living in the Old Town neighborhood of Anacortes is the easy access to all the local festivities, including staples like the Anacortes Farmers’ Market. The must-see Anacortes Arts Festival is also held in Old Town. Here, hundreds of artisans fill the streets with their one-of-a-kind works, creating an incredible opportunity to enjoy local food, shop for art, and spend time celebrating the artistic soul of Anacortes.

Old Town features numerous unique shopping spots, like clayhouse studio, the Bike Lab, Fidalgo Artisan Yarn & Clothing, Pelican Bay Books and Coffeehouse, and more. In addition, several top-notch dining destinations are found in the community, such as Old Town Bakery Co., MaMa Wing, A’Town Bistro, Dad’s Diner, Cosmic Veggies, Rockfish Grill & Anacortes Brewery, and Adrift.

The Old Town community is also north of Volunteer Park, where you’ll find multiple baseball fields, a soccer field, a playground, picnic areas, and open green spaces. It’s the perfect park for a fun afternoon with the family.

Real estate options in Old Town

In Old Town, the incredible properties feature a variety of styles. Most commonly, you’ll find Victorian-era homes and craftsman-style bungalows, but there are also many gorgeous buildings with beautifully modern architectural elements. As the name suggests, there’s a real sense of history in Old Town architecture. Still, many homes have been meticulously renovated and are up-to-date with the latest features and amenities.

San Juan Passage

San Juan Passage’s unique, blissful ambiance

San Juan Passage is a prestigious coastal residential community in Anacortes renowned for its unique, tranquil, nature-filled lifestyle. The community of just 99 single-family properties offers stunning views of the water, mountains, and nearby islands, with ample opportunities for sighting wildlife. The tight-knit vibes foster a sense of community, as its residents share a love for nature and a passion for sustainable living. Those who live in this neighborhood appreciate the coastal charm that permeates the area.

What are the best ways to enjoy San Juan Passage?

This highly sought-after Anacortes neighborhood is prized for its serene atmosphere and welcoming ambiance, making it an ideal place for anyone who values peace and tranquility. It’s perfect for watching the sunset over the San Juan Islands from your front patio. If you are lucky, you might even glimpse a pod of orcas swimming in the crystal waters.

The gorgeous landscaping of this community makes it a great place to find a spot outside and soak in the sunshine, perhaps with a picnic or a good book. The community also boasts easy access to the nearby Anacortes Ferry Terminal for a fun-filled adventure. Once there, you’ll find unbelievable hiking, camping, tide pools, and so much more.

San Juan Passage real estate

The neighborhood of San Juan Passage is an idyllic community of traditionally-styled homes with a craftsman-styled flair. Imagine classic pitched roofs, charming porches, and balconies overlooking your white picket-fenced front lawn. Homes here feel like a coastal family paradise. One of the most innovative things about San Juan Passage is that the houses here boast all the latest updates in sustainable design. With green building practices, energy-efficient features, and a focus on an eco-friendly lifestyle, it truly sits apart from similar residential neighborhoods.

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