The Universal Star: Finding Christmas in Every Heart

The Universal Star: Finding Christmas in Every Heart

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  • 12/19/23

The Universal Star: Finding Christmas in Every Heart



The crisp December air bites as a sailor stands watch aboard the USS Enterprise, the endless ocean stretching before them. Miles away, in a bustling Rio apartment, a real estate agent scans the cityscape, her eyes filled not with festive cheer, but with the anxieties of her clients. And in a quiet Kansas living room, a child listens to his grandfather's tales, yearning for a connection beyond the walls of his small town.

These seemingly disparate lives, separated by vast distances and diverse experiences, are woven together by an invisible thread: the timeless story of a babe born in a manger under a single star. This narrative whispers universal truths that hold the power to rekindle the spirit of Christmas in all our hearts.



Humility: The Star's Guiding Light

The manger, a symbol of unpretentiousness, reminds us that true worth lies not in material possessions or social standing, but in the shared humanity that binds us all. It's a call to shed our pride and ego, to recognize the inherent dignity in every person we encounter, be they a fellow sailor, a struggling client, or a curious child. Humility is the star's guiding light, leading us toward a world where respect and compassion replace ambition and competition.


Hope: The Beacon in the Darkness

The star above the manger, a beacon in the night, signifies the unwavering hope that endures even in the face of hardship. It's a reminder that even in the darkest moments, there is always the possibility of light, of a brighter future. This hope manifests in the helping hand extended to a shipmate, the encouraging words offered to a worried client, the spark of joy ignited in a child's eyes. With each act of kindness, we become beacons ourselves, illuminating the path for others to find their own hope amidst the shadows.

Love: The Tapestry of Connection

The love that drew shepherds to the manger, wise men from afar, and angels to sing, is not a fleeting sentiment, but a powerful force that transcends borders and beliefs. It's the language of compassion spoken through shared meals, the warmth of a smile offered to a stranger, and the unwavering support extended to loved ones. This love is the tapestry that weaves us together, reminding us that we are not islands, but threads in a grand, interconnected web of humanity.



This Christmas, as we embrace the values of humility, hope, and love, let each of us become a guiding star, illuminating the world with these timeless virtues. May our shared celebration of humanity, inspired by the universal star above, create a tapestry of connection that outshines any seasonal ornament. Together, let's transform the essence of Christmas from a fleeting holiday into a perpetual beacon, guiding our lives and radiating brightness into the world around us.

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Author: Stephen Miller, 12.19.23

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