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Tim C. Miller

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I am a Real Estate Professional. I specialize in:
- 1031 Exchanges for Investors, Vacation Homes, etc.
- VA purchases as a PCS representative for NAS Whidbey Island

I live on Whidbey Island and serve the Island and surrounding Puget Sound / Salish Sea regions.
Whidbey Island
I am the oldest of 5 boys, here on beautiful Whidbey Island, WA situated in the "sunbelt" of the Puget Sound and Salish Sea. Our parents grew up here, and their parents grew up here. Most of us (including grandparents!) still live here, and though all of us boys left for the military or some other path (4 of us joined separate branches!) we all ended up back here. Now I have a family of my own – my wife Grace and I are blessed with 3 beautiful children and I continue in my passion to grow our community and help navigate the complexities of Real Estate. I learned under the wisdom and guidance of my father Clay Miller who taught me most of what I know - he is a land and listing specialist of 25+ years in the industry. I then began representing more and more investment clients from out-of-state, selling their assets under the IRS 1031 Exchange program to defer capital gains taxes while purchasing here or around the area. Additionally, I continue my own military service which gives me a unique advantage in representing my military clients here and around the nation.
I also run a nation-wide referral and agent vetting service, so whether you are buying or selling anywhere in the US, or moving to or away from Whidbey Island if you don’t already have an agent you know, like and trust consider sending me an email to help you find that agent! I already work with a nation-wide network of real estate professionals, including at every Military Base in the US. But if you are moving outside of one of those areas, I can still research, vet and partner you with the right one for you. Your Needs for their Niche.
And we’re not going anywhere. I am a full-time Broker, still representing local clients here, Anacortes and the San Juan Islands, and my Military clients PCS’ing in and out of NAS Whidbey Island. My wife and I bought grave plots here in Sunnyside Cemetery when we got married (because I know the value of land here on Whidbey!) and we will continue representing you here and across the nation for as long as we are this-side of those plots. We’re never too busy for you or your referrals! And if you’re ever in the area and just want to get out and explore, give me a call!

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Don't just google the highest-paying real estate advertiser - let me put my experience & license on the line for you, anywhere in the country! Sales-free, we consult on the what & where of your real estate needs, & then we match you with the best real estate agent to suit those needs. It's free for you - I am paid by that agent! You get an agent who specializes in your specific needs, the agent gets a client who needs what they specialize in, & I get to teach, educate and help. Interested? Wherever you or your family & friends are looking in the U.S. - contact me today. Your needs, their niche.

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